In our latest post we listed the multiple benefits of studying in the States. Today, consequently, we want to give you more information about it, about the admission process and the things you need to get admitted.

First things first. We must distinguish between two processes, one for university admission and other for high school or boarding school admission.


Boarding schools accept students aged 13-18 and even one year after graduation (that is what in USA they call a PG, a preparatory course for university admission).

Great grades in your transcripts are essential here. These schools train excellent students, so a student with failed subjects is very luckily to be off the table. Usually, these institutions ask for the two last years transcripts and the most current one, which also need to be duly translated.

Admission tests are also really important. Depending on your grade and age you will have to face a test or another (SSAT for younger students, SAT for older ones). The TOEFL is a required item for all those students whose mother tongue is not English. The TOEFL aims to measure the student’s English competences and skills, so as to determinate if the student would need ESL classes or not.  The process also implies essays and recommendations.

This is the essential in broad terms! Remember that if you are an athlete you can opt to reduce costs thanks to the financial aid programs that are available.


American universities (or colleges) accept first year students as well as transfer students (those who begin their higher studies in another institutions and then decide to change). The requirements, nevertheless, are pretty similar to those that we have already mentioned.

In this sense, admission tests are also crucial. The SAT is compulsory for every first year student (there are some exceptions, but really few). As for transfers, they may not need to take it but then they will have to go through a credit transfer process so as to convert and transfer what they do have as for their university trajectory. The TOEFL is always necessary and  indispensable for the university admission process when being an international student.

Academic transcripts also play a great role in the candidate’s file and, as we a fore mentioned, it is highly recommended to have the best grades as possible so as to avoid any kind of problem in the process. Besides, high work pays off in the States and if you have great grades you can be eligible for academic scholarships, other than athletic ones, if you are a notorious athlete.


That is all for both processes, generally speaking. Note that this is generic information that depending on the institution may be extended to other requirements. For further information, you have at your disposal our website and this blog, in which we will keep posting valuable information about both processes.