What do you like most about your school, St. John Paul II Academy?
My favorite thing about Saint John Paul II academy is that everyone is very friendly and I always have a great time. It is also located in Boca Raton, where there is terrific weather!

Which extracurricular activities did you enjoy the most?
I am involved in the National Honor Society, the tennis team, and the music class. My favorite memory from my extracurriculars was the tennis team dinner.

Which achievements are you most proud of?
I´m very proud of achieving the 2nd position in the tennis regionals, as it has been the best score the school has had so far. I am also proud of being inducted into the National Honor Society.

Which subject is your favorite subject?
My favorite class is Honors Pre-Calculus, because I love math and I learns new things every day.


What moment do you remember most fondly?
My favorite memory from this past year was playing saxophone at the fine arts night.

What plans do you have after your graduation?
After graduation, I plan to play tennis at college while I also study computer science.

What do you like most about living in Boca Raton?
I like living close to the beach and to Miami. On the weekends, I like to spend time with my friends and go on trips to Miami or somewhere else. I like going to the cinema with my friends, going to the beach and visiting new places.