Women’s soccer is becoming increasingly visible around the world, however, the United States is the country of reference in this category, with more than 500 teams of women’s American soccer for players between the ages of 14 and 22.

Despite the fact that in Spain these teams and these sportswomen are recognized a little more every day, there is still a long way to go.

However, in the United States it is more frequent to hear every day of women who practice this sport and are recognized for it, highlighting their plays and results, besides being awarded, receiving better earnings and better ratings.

The American women’s soccer team

Since 1991, when the U.S. women’s soccer team won the first Women’s World Cup, it has not stopped winning titles.

It is necessary to emphasize the four editions of the Olympic Games and becoming one of the selections of feminine soccer more powerful of the world.

The American sports culture gives much more visibility to women athletes, with the intention of achieving equal conditions, something that here in Spain is much more distant.

That is why the ideal place for girls who want to contribute their grain of sand to women’s soccer today and who want to develop in this sport in the best women’s soccer league is North America, since it offers many more and better opportunities.

This involvement in highlighting the women’s sport comes from a law passed in 1972, which prohibited gender discrimination when investing in sports in academic settings.

In other words, institutions were to spend the same money on financing both women’s and men’s football teams, promoting the development and competition of the women’s football league, as well as the search for women’s football talent.

This is why many Spanish soccer players, where this sport is the king, choose to develop their careers in the United States, which help them to access prestigious colleges and universities through scholarships.

Women’s soccer 2020

Another of the key factors in this praise, is the hobby.

It is well known that soccer is not the most popular sport in the United States, since its male players are not particularly good and the vast majority of men in the country choose other fields such as football, baseball or basketball.

In the girls this is different, and is that a high percentage of girls athletes, are dedicated to football, obtaining great results and standing out for their technical skills and their execution.

Offering great sporting events that have aroused the interest of spectators and fans of this sport, generating high levels of audience, and is that these games have an average of 6,000 spectators, a very important factor in giving them visibility.

In short, talking about soccer in USA is talking about the best women’s football, first division football.
At this time, many are the centers seeking to complete their women’s teams in order to compete, both in high school, and in universities,.

They offer sports scholarships to play football to help girls achieve their goals and further develop their sports careers, as well as ensuring a high level of education.

If you want to promote part of your country’s women’s soccer team and make history in your country, we encourage all women soccer players to keep fighting for their passion!

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