Studying in the US is the dream of million of students all around the world. For many of them, it is possible tu study English, a year in an American highschool (J-1 VISA programs, quite often) and even a whole degree or a postgraduate (F-1 VISA).

Why study in the States?

The advantages of study in the States are many, like enjoying the American experience, improving our English level, get an American degree that can open us many doors in our professional future or even get a working VISA.

How to pay?

American colleges and institutions tend to be expensive but there’s a wide variety of prices. Between the public ones, that are tipically cheap, there’s also a noticeable difference in accordance to the student’s residence: in-state, out-state or international.

Usually, we have to rely on our savings, ask for loans and scholarships or work (if it is legal for us to do so).

Besides, for those students that are remarkable athletically, it is possible to train and compete at great level an even study with athletic scholarships (partial or complete). Of course, there’s also merit-based scholarships, lots are offered to international students.

Each university decides its own scholarships and due to that, it very unlikely to find two students paying the same amount.

It is advised that we also explore public institution whose cost of attendance is tipically lower. We also have to keep in mind that there are scholarships provided by private and public institution that have very little relation with the universties. It is important to fulfill the requirements for the scholarship.

Important factors to bear in mind before deciding to study in the States

Pre-uni students can study in public or private institutions. Costs vary in accordance of the school type.

There’s millions of academies to study Rnglish.  BUT to get a VISA through the school, it must be authorized by USA migratory authorities to issue an I-20. If they are not, you must not apply.

It is quite common that students spending less than 3 months come to the States with a Turist VISA and then choose their studies in the chosen academy. It is frecuent but ilegal. They should apply, get an I-20 and then apply for the student VISA through an American embassy.

If we want to study a dregree in the States, it is necessary to take the exams that must be required, as the TOEFL, which score varies to be accepted according to each institution’s standards. Others are the SAT, the GRE…

Besides, it is possible that every certification needs to be recognised in the American system.

Interesting information

To study in the States is highly expensive, so it is advised to analysze deeply the university in which you want to study. If the studies are of bad quality maybe it is not worth to make the effort.
For a top student, maybe a good option is to study in an Ivy League top center. But also there are other public and private institutions that are also excelent.

VISA denial and other problems

1 out of 5 VISA applications is denied every year. Most of them are tourist and student ones.
The causes are many, but typically fall into two categories: be non-eligible or be inadmisible. To get an American VISA, to renew it or even be admitted once in the States, those not Americans must be eligble and admisibles to the States. Otherwise, problems could occur.
If provided with a VISA, we must not put it in danger with behaviours that may see inrelevant but are very serious according to immigration laws. As for examble, weed consumption or weed possession.