Recently, we have told you in our previous posts about athletic scholarships and the possibilities these offer. Nevertheless, what about non-athlete students?  American universities have a lot to offer to you as well, of course!

American universities count with great facilities, a world-class education and the maximum well-being for all their students. Also, at the disposition of all the student body there are hundreds (and even thousands) of student groups and activities: cooking clubs, debate clubs, reading clubs, sport clubs (without the exigency of the university athletic team, as amateurs), languages clubs, arts clubs, drama clubs, or musical clubs, among many others.

Furthermore, the cultural agenda that American universities offer is very complete and diverse. Every week lots of events take place. Thematic weeks, workshops, seminars, conferences, plays, concerts, parties… Not to mention the excitement and thrill of attending the university athletic matches, a vibrant atmosphere inside incredible stadiums that leave you speechless.

Something also really particular about American universities is their practical approach when it comes to education. You will have the chance of enriching your CV with research offers, internships and other type of programs without even having finished your degree, something that will benefit you a great deal in the very near future.

So as to opt to this, entire academic scholarships are also granted. American universities award these scholarships to those students with a brilliant academic trajectory in high school, as well as great scores in the admission tests, TOEFL and SAT. The higher the grades, the better. Nevertheless, it is worth to note that not every university grants academic scholarships to international students.  Therefore, we recommend you to always check first with the International Admissions department of each university before deciding to apply.


If you are a good student and want to have an incredible university experience, US is your place to be. Do not hesitate to reach to us if you want more info!