There is only one month left for our boys and girls to start the trip to USA and we want to give them some advices and tips to prepare their adventure.

First of all, the main thing: the luggage. Some things you can’t forget:

  • Your documentation (passport, visa, health card, etcetera). These are the things that will allow you to enter in the country.
  • A power adapter, because in the USA, they use a different electricity system.
  • If you need any medicine, don’t forget to bring the recipe.
  • Make sure you have international roaming with your phone company or get a SIM card you can use abroad.
  • Search for information about the weather in the state you’re going to stay in, so you can decide which type of clothes you are going to bring.
  • Avoid carrying expendable things, or items you can purchase easily.
  • You can visit the US Embassy web site, where you will find information about all the goods allowed or forbidden.

A power adapter, because in the USA, they use a different electricity system.

When you reach you destination, your adventure will truly begin. It’s normal if you feel nervous the first few days. So, remember that:

  • Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. People are usually very kind.
  • You and your classmates are in the same situation. They are going to be apart from their family and friends for a while, they will understand you perfectly and they will support you when you need it.
  • Try to be supportive and helpful when somebody else needs it. They will be grateful. Companionship is very important in a Boarding School.
  • Sign up in extracurricular activities. You will learn new things and is an easy way to make new friends.
  • Your new teachers will be willing to guide you anytime you need it and they will appreciate your interest and participation.

Companionship is very important in a Boarding School.

Travel to a new country is always a little scary because of the new language or the new culture. We recommend you to relax, and you will see how things flow step by step.

  • Don’t be ashamed to speak in English. You don’t have to do it perfect at the beginning. The important thing is that you get to express yourself.
  • Pay attention to their conversations, to the lessons at school and to everything you can hear. Listening is the best way to learn.
  • Try to think in English, so you will get used to organize the sentences in your mind and the communication will be easier.
  • If you get stuck, stop for a second and start from the beginning.
  • Search information about their traditions, so you can take part of them and will be easier for you to integrate into their culture.

Listening is the best way to learn.

In addition, remember there are some differences you will have to get used to, like greeting with a handshake, different schedules for waking up, going to bed or for the meals. And different measurement units (they use inches, miles and pounds). So, start this experience with an open mind and a relaxed attitude and everything will be fine. Have a nice trip!