We are sure that you have asked yourself what to study, which degrees are the most demanded ones or if your dreamed degree has good job options in the near future. This post wants to address all that questions by presenting some of the best valued degrees (professionally talking) as of today. Also, we are going to offer some examples of American institutions where you will be able to carry out those studies in a successful way, always leaving out the prestigious and so well-known Stanford, MIT, Harvard and Purdue, to which, unlikely, not everyone can enter due to their tremendously competitive level in terms of admission.

Generally speaking, it seems like degrees related to technology and health are to be the most benefited and the ones that are going to prevail in the coming years. This is no news as our day-to-day environment is each time more and more computerized and aims to provide solutions to any problem we could face (be it health-related or not). Some examples may be:

  • Software Engineering/Computer Science. Universities as University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, University of Washington or University of South Carolina offer a really interesting program.
  • Management Information Systems Engineering/ Systems Engineering. System Engineering could be a really fascinating program if studied in institutions as Virginia Tech, Pennsylvania State University or  the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Bioeenginering or Biomed. Biomed program of University Washington is quite stimulating, as well as  CUNY’s or CSULB’s (California State University Long Beach)

Nevertheless, the demand in other fields is still present, as in the economics one, which is still wide and broad, this is something that remains steadily:

  • Business administration and management. There are pretty good options at your disposal, as the ones of Florida International University, Ohio State University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill…
  • Some universities with awesome programs in Advertising are Syracuse University, Pepperdine University or University of Georgia.
  • University of Texas-Austin, Indiana-Bloomington University or University of Pennsylvania have some remarkable Marketing programs among many others.

It seems like the future is pushing us to a greater technological specialization and maybe you can find more facilities if you go for any degree related to it. But you must remember that vocation plays a determinant role when taking the decision, so please, do not knock artistic or humanistic degrees just because they do not appear on this list and unfollow this path, as they are equally necessary for our societies.

Some examples could be:

  • Education/Teaching. University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin-Madison or Northwestern University do have very prestigious education programs.
  • Tourism/ Hospitality degrees. Arizona State University, Florida International University or Temple University are very valued by their formation in this area.
  • Translation and Interpretation. University of Arkansas, New York University and Wake Forest University are just some examples of other institutions in which you can study this discipline


Regardless of the degree you choose, best of luck!