When it comes to American admission decisions coming out, March and April are to mark in the calendar as during these two months the vast majority of academic institutions notify their decisions to the newly-admitted students. After having submitted all the required paperwork and waited (always providing that every required item has been completed) admission is always notified by email (or within the student portal that the university or boarding school could have). Anyway, there are also other institutions that, additionally, send the admission package to the student’s residential address. Although they share decision dates and format, notification varies a bit from university and boarding school, as there are some different documents required, which we explain now.

As for universities, upon acceptance and if you have decided to attend, you must confirm your plans by making the enrollment deposit, which is indeed a confirmation of attendance deposit. This can be carried out through an electronic payment by credit card, as the amount generally does not exceed $500. This can be done typically through an online exclusive portal of the university. With this payment, we are conforming we are enrolling  in this institution and it should send us the required paperwork to start the VISA process (I-20 form) to our residence address so we can begin the process with the American embassy.

Boarding schools notifying admissions is somewhat different. They do notify the decision by email as well and additionally of the acceptance, an enrollment contract is included. Because of the student is a minor, it is due that his parents sign it. Also, this contract is accompanied by an enrollment deposit which amounts to 1,000-$3,000 depending on the institution (of course, this deposit is after deductible from the total amount of the cost of attendance proposed to the family). Once the school gets both, it is understood that the student is attending and the VISA process begin with the shipment of the required paperwork to the student’s home (I-20 form as well).


So, as you can see, it is all about be patient and wait, pay attention to your email inbox and, afterwards, confirm your attendance with the payment of the applicable deposit.  We hope this helps and that you are able now to understand better the notification process in the US.